New Market Insights: Dublin's Office Space Price Guide - Q3 2023

How it works.

How it works.

Flexible office space is perfect for dynamic businesses that need ready to use offices by the month or year.

We have fully furnished private lockable offices as well as coworking desks in open plan offices amongst like minded businesses.

Tenants pay nothing.

  • It's free to list on Rubberdesk.
  • Looking for office space? You pay Rubberdesk nothing.
  • Rubberdesk only earns fees from Hosts who rent out their offices from successful introductions we make (a simple 10% of the first year's contract value)
  • Read the fee schedule in our membership terms for full details.
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Month to month

Take each month as it comes & charge your Guests by the month. Rubberdesk will send you an invoice for each month they are with you for up to the first twelve months. Just let us know when their situation changes.

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3 Month licence

When a customer signs up with you for 3 months, we'll invoice you our fees of 10% of their 3 month rental amount. If they extend, we'll simply invoice you for their renewal terms up to twelve months from their start date.

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6 Month licence

You've locked in a 6 month term with your Guest and we'll send you an invoice for our 10% fees over this term. If they leave at the end there's nothing else to pay, and if they extend then we'll send another invoice up until twelve months max.

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12 months and beyond

Congratulations! Your Guest has committed to stay with you for twelve months or more. We'll send you an invoice for 10% of the rental amount over the term of the agreement. That's it, nothing else to pay!

Transparent pricing.

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Nothing to pay until you get paid.

Our fees are success based, and we only get paid when you, the Host, do. You can't say fairer than that.

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Simple 10% Host fees.

All prices shown on the site include Rubberdesk fees. That means that customers looking for space don't need to worry about paying us anything.

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After our fees - we charge nothing

When customers renew beyond the first year or their first term, whichever is the longer, we charge nothing unless otherwise agreed in writing with you.

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