New Market Insights: Dublin's Office Space Price Guide - Q3 2023

How it works.

How it works.

Flexible office space is perfect for dynamic businesses that need ready to use offices by the month or year.

We have fully furnished private lockable offices as well as coworking desks in open plan offices amongst like minded businesses.

Rent out Serviced and Flexible Offices

Rubberdesk is Ireland's marketplace for every size of Serviced office space, where customers can view and compare all the flex office options.

It's free to list on Rubberdesk, and we only get paid when you do, from a customer we have successfully referred to you.

Our fees are 10% of the booking amount over the first year.


List your office for free

Our online listing process is super simple and only takes a moment.

List your space here

Have lots of offices to list? We're here to help - get in touch by email


Intelligent matching

Rubberdesk intelligently matches prospective tenants with listings based on a number of factors. A Rubberdesk Flex Space Specialist will then help arrange inspections and progress the tenant lead.


Sign more deals

Once matched and inspections are completed, we'll work with you to help close the deal. Our fees are on success only, and we charge a fair and standard 10% of the Total Contract Value.

You're in control all the way.

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You're in control over who works in your office, and how long they stay

It's your say about who rents your office and for how long. Most Hosts prefer long term renters which is why we've created 3, 6 and 12 month rental terms so you can offer discounts for longer term rentals.

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Flexible terms

Unlike subleases, short form licence agreements are much shorter and typically operate on monthly or 6, 12 or 18 month terms.

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We'll introduce potential Guests and arrange tours

Meet your potential new tenants at a time that suits you. Show them round and get to know them. No one can decide better than you whether they're the right fit for your space and your business.

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Booking requests

We'll refer customers looking for office space to you and they can enquire online. You'll receive tour requests and notifications throughout the whole process and are under no obligation to accept a booking.

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Rubberdesk fees are 10% of the rental amount. That’s it, no other fees

We only get paid when you get paid. Rubberdesk will invoice you our 10% fees over the first year of rental.

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Join thousands of Hosts earning $$$$ from renting office space.

Flexible working has never been so popular and thousands of businesses worldwide are earning from renting out their spare office and desk space.

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